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Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Your Home Replacement Guide in Fargo.

Find the value of your home or building at ... In about 5 minutes you can develop a home construction or replacement cost that considers all the important variables in building or remodeling in fargo moorhead.

Home and Contents Replacement Costs Calculator

Friday, May 8, 2009

North Dakota Premier Home Builders

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction
on all of our Home Improvement Projects
Christl Home Remodeling is a General Contractor specializing in:

Christl Homes Remodeling will make your home remodeling projects a beautiful and fulfilling reality. We begin with the concept and design stages, listening carefully to your wants and desires for the finished product. We will walk you through each step of the project, even assisting with homeowner's association approvals.

All work will be carefully performed by our experienced, knowledgeable craftsmen, keeping in mind your goals for the finished product. All work is done in a timely manner, with the utmost care and respect for your home and belongings during the process.

Let us show you why we are the premier home improvement professionals from start to finish!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

North Dakota's Quality Home Builder

In 2003, Christl Homes was founded with a "Customer First" philosophy. The question we ask ourselves is, "What would the customer want?" From our years in the new home building business and a commitment to listen to our customers, we have come to understand that your expectations will be fulfilled by a home builder who provides a quality product, honesty & integrity, open communications and flexible homes designs. Knowing this, we have created:

1. A science-based quality building system dictating that:
Home builder model home by Christl Homes
• All construction details are approved by a construction science and building materials expert
• All field employees get continuous education on construction quality procedures & techniques
• All homes are field tested by third party inspectors for energy performance prior to closing
2. A full offering of extremely flexible and timeless home designs
Every home we build focuses on architectural design, our flexible floor plans, our science-based building systems and our commitment to operational efficiencies - all allow us all allow us to deliver the visual appeal, livability, quality, and value today's homebuyers demand.
3. Centralized professional design centers
4. Convenient in-house mortgage affiliate
5. Our "Hard Hat Quality Assurance Program,"

On-site pre-construction orientation
On-site pre-drywall orientation
On-site pre-closing orientation & inspection
60-day "tune-up" inspection
11-month warranty inspection
1/2/10 year transferable home warranty

Christl Homes

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

North Dakota Home Builder

Looking for a North Dakota Commercial/Residential Builder?
Who is a Home Builder? What does Home Building Companies do?
They are skilled companies, which traditionally construct homes on a land.

Why do you look for them?
If you need a:
» Brand new house recently built, or will be build in the near future,
» Building company which can construct a custom built house according to your specifications,
» Mobile builder compliant with HUD building codes,
» Modular builder which can connect already built pieces to construct a house,
» North Dakota Builder which can knock down an existing old building and build a new house,
then you look for a building firm.

Where do you find one?
There is a difference between custom home builders and production home builders. You will want to select the one that offers you the flexibility that you need. Take some time to talk to both types of home builders to determine what they can provide and what they may not be able to provide to you.
A good way to save money on building a home is to build on land that you own. You can purchase land just about in any location, but you will want to commit to trying to do this first because if you end up purchasing the land from a home builder, it will cost you much more. Find a real estate agent to help you to find land that is perfect for you to build on.
Many home builders will provide you with an inspection about one year (sometimes longer) after the home has been built. Anything that may be structurally wrong with the home at that time can be repaired by them. Cracks, painting problems, flooring issues and more may be covered. Find out if your home builder provides this service and the details of it.